Case Study


KiwiRail Uses Flagmakers Design Team

Kiwirail in Wellington came to us with a design brief to promote safety on their workplace.

The brief was broad but had to use their core messages. It was up to us to come up with the design concepts and recommendations on the right types of products to use.

We worked closely with the team at Kiwirail to establish the right type of product to get the message across to their staff. 

We followed our 4 step design process: concept creation, shortlisting options, drafting final option and then refinement.

One consideration is that signage loses its visibility after a while so we recommended our new 'Fire.  Flag system.  Moving flag signage that catches the eye and reminds the staff of the messages.

A large banner backdrop was created for the rear of the work area that had a clean sharp design so the message was always clearly seen.

A very successful project that did not cost the earth!