Case Study

Cricket World Cup 2015

Helping Showcase New Zealand To The World!

We were Invited to become an official supplier for city dressing and customer engagement products as a result of our RWC 2011 performance. 

Comments from the CWC 2015 Committee members (who had worked on the RWC 2011 Committee) were that we had done such a great job on RWC 2011, they were not looking for another supplier. 

Our products are key to showcasing New Zealand on the world stage so the more effort we put into planning at an early stage the better. It gave us more to time to design better products for the campaign.

In the end we supplied a raft of event products. 

  • 3000 streetflags
  • 20,000 lengths of bunting
  • 20,000 handwavers
  • 5000 car flags
  • 10,000m fencewrap
  • Portable displays and banners

We also worked closely with a large number of sponsors and partners to provide products and solutions under tight deadlines. One example was the Fairfax / BP handwaver promotion where thousands of handwavers were supplied throughout all the BP stores in NZ.