Case Study

Rugby World Cup 2011

Flagmakers supplied over 11,000 Streetflags to over 30 towns and cities

Rugby world Cup 2011 was NZ's biggest event in its history and our reputation as a country to be able to show case world class events was dependent on the supply of world class promotional products such as the street banners.

Flagmakers was chosen as the official supplier of flag supplier to over 30 regions in NZ by the RWC 2011 NZ Ltd due to its operational capacity and proven reputation in supplying major events in NZ and throughout the Pacific over many years.

Logistical Complexity

Over 11,000 Streebanners of 60 different design variants were supplied - arguably one the largest street banner jobs in the world.

There was a logistical complexity to the contract as each town and city had different banner arm configurations. Not only did Flagmakers have to employ and train an additional 10 staff, it needed to communicate with all of the banner installers as to how they wanted the banners packed.

Project Management

In order to meet very tight installation time frames as well as maintain our regular supply of products from our two plants over the 4 month production period, we had to carefully manage our production.

This was achieved by setting up a RWC project team right from the beginning and meeting almost daily to ensure that we were meeting our daily and monthly production goals as well as communicate progress with our clients and key stakeholders on a regular basis.

In doing so, we developed a very close relationship with RWC 2011 Committee as well as the individual dedicated project team leaders in each of the Councils. This communication was very important in ensuring each of our clients' expectations were met.

We also supplied a variety of other products such portable displays and fencewraps for Fanzones, which resulted from the trust we had built up with our clients.


Flagmakers achieved several Pride In Print Awards for our street banners and portable displays. The print quality from our dye screen plant demonstrated our ability to produce a complex gradient consistently using advanced printing techniques that we needed to develop specifically for the designs.

The Streetbanners won two highly recommend awards and the double sided satin won a Gold Award.


Not only did Flagmakers achieve a faultless supply for a highly complex task, we delivered on time with world class product and helped play an integral part in showcasing NZ's ability to hist works class events.