Digital Signage

Flagmakers now sells Digital Screens for displaying your products and services or simply communicating messages to your audience.  Go to to see more! 

Open and Sale flags

A high quality great value range of stock designs

Life time guarantee on the pole!
Made to Flagmakers high quality standards.

FrameTex - Fabric Display System

A beautiful tensioned fabric display system. Easy to replace skins.  Backlit and non-backlit versions available.

Durapole Double Sided One -Piece Satin Flags

Teardrop flags that last.  Beautiful double sided satin prints that last twice as long!  One-piece satin fabric - no bagging or sagging.

Teardrop Flag Range. Double and Single Sided Flags



The Durapole range is NZ's most popular range of durable portable teardrop and feather flag displays.  Backed by a lIfetime warranty on the poles and options of single or double sided flags printed in our Wellington plant, you can be assured of premium quality time after time.

These are often known as teardrop flags or feather flags and you can select the product based on either your graphics or type of use.

Feather flags are great for attracting attention as they 'fly'.  Teardrop flags are great for displaying the image better as they are fully tensioned,

StreetFlags. Quality long-life dye-screen printed flags

Flagmakers Street Banners and Flags are world class and we sell to 90% of Councils, Business Associations and Town Centres throughout NZ.  We also export street banners to Australia and the Pacific and a US flag expert has described Flagmakers Street flags as the best in the world. Download the Definitive Guide To StreetFlags.


Festive StreetFlags. Quality dye-screen printed long-life flags

Long- life festive Streetflags for your town.

Contact us on 0800 900 800 or email us at

Made to our usual high standards and built to last in NZ's windy and high UV conditions.

These are highly popular all throughout NZ.

WE CAN ALSO CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR FLAGS. Contact us ON 0800 900800 for more information.

All designs are Copyright Flagmakers Ltd

New Zealand Flags. Dye-screen printed long-life

You can buy the New Zealand Flag from our on-line store , directly from our showrooms in Auckland or Wellington or by simply contacting us on-line.

When looking at buying the NZ Flag there are a few things to consider

Fencewraps. PVC and Lightweight Fabric

From simple wind breaks to branded building fence wraps to high definition event fencewraps, we can provide the right product for you.

Contact us on 0800 900 800 or for more information.

Click here to go see examples and enquire about our range

Flagpoles, Durable High Quality Poles

Made from powder coated marine grade aluminium, they are designed to last for many years in NZ's harsh environment. 

Choose between our Supreme and Royal ranges.

Retail Signage. Interior and Exterior Signs

A complete range of signage products: window graphics, wall display solutions, footpath signs, floor graphics and Poster frames.

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Buy bunting from the manufacturer.  Custom made Bunting is available with several options. 

Contact us on 0800 900 800 or for more information.

Christmas Flags

A great range of fresh design for this summer!

NEW! SignTrax™ fast change-out signage

SignTrax is a new, unique fast change -out signage system ideal for short term campaigns.  It is ideal for retail and local town event and product promotions.