1/2 PRICE FLAG DEAL! Teardrop Flags. Single and Double Sided Durapole Flags.

Buy 1 flag or display and get an extra flag for 1/2 price! 
SAVE $100-150!

Choose from our proven economic single-sided flags or our beautiful double-sided satin fabric flags  that last twice as long.

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Note: Offer ends 30th November 2020 and does apply to resellers or to the Value Range.

Our single sided flags are printed on our premium quality knit fabric and show the reverse image on the reverse side. 

Our double sided flags are printed on our beautiful single piece satin fabric that lasts twice as long!  Our one-piece satin fabric results in no bagging or sagging.

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Important factors to consider in choosing the right flag selection click here



Being made of one –piece satin fabric, these teardrop flags will always look elegant.  No bagginess like other two-piece  fabrics.  It won’t collect water and will retain its shape a lot better over time.


Durapole One-Piece Double-Sided Teardrop Flags will last twice as long as single sided flags.  They are made from a specially laminated fabric that will withstand the rigours of rain, snow and wind* and UV.


The satin fabric absorbs more ink than other types of fabric used for flags and therefore gives you a denser richer image making your graphic really stand out!

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