Assembly Instructions for Durapole Mayfly, Flex and Swing

In order to get the best life out of your flag please follow the instructions below:

Durapole Mayfly and Flex  (see instructions for Durapole Swing later in section)


1. Assemble pole sections ensuring a tight fit

2. Make sure the tip is forced right into the end of the header and located tightly into the reinforced corner pocket.  If not, the tip will wear through the header material after repeated use.

Durapole Swing Only

A.  Insert horizontal pole into top sleeve first

B.  Insert vertical pole into the TOP of the vertical sleeve

C.  Connect the vertical and horizontal poles as shown.

4.  Locate the cord around the lug. Tighten the cord by pulling the toggle. Tie a knot so the cord does not slip.

5. Locating the flag:   Ensure the flag does not hit  any object such as tree branches, walls, decks, light fittings and canopies while in use.


6.   Moving the flag.  Do not drag the flag on the ground as this will cause the fabric to quickly wear and tear. 

7. Always place the flag well clear of any objects as the pole will flex in the wind and catch objects that are close by.

8.   Read the care label on your flag for washing instructions

Durapole Assembly Instructions pdf