How to Choose The Right Teardrop or Feather Flag


Selecting the right flag depends on a number of factors: your message, quality of construction, shape, ‘flying’, size and double or single sided printing.


  • Consider your message on your flag. The logo and message will largely determine the shape of the flag.  

  • Keep the number of words to a minimum.  We recommend only two.  People have a limited time to read the flag which is moving so the fewer the words the better.

  • If you want to display a large round or square logo then a Feather (Flex) or Square (Swing) or Dragonfly flag will have sufficient area to display the logo and message.  Having a message that is crammed; too many words or design elements will only confuse the customer.

  • A teardrop (Mayfly) flag is suitable for one long word  (or two small words) and a small logo as these flags have a reduced area for your message.


  • If you want to attract attention from far away then a feather or square flag will ‘fly’ and attract the eye more than a teardrop flag will. These are commonly used by car dealers and for events.

  •  If you want your image to display clearly in the wind and always be readable then a teardrop flag is best.  These flags are fully tensioned and don’t ‘fly’ as there is not free edge to flap in the wind.  This means the flag maintains its shape in the wind and makes the image always readable. These are great for any retail or business particularly in any outdoor windy areas.


  • Consider what you are trying to achieve and what space or height limitations you have to work with. Are there any obstructions, canopies, overhead wires etc that may restrict your height options. 

  • The smaller teardrop and feather flags are over 2m high so even they are big enough to attract attention, so don’t think a ‘smaller ‘ flag won’t attract attention because it certainly will!

  • If you are using them at an event then a larger flag will give more visibility and presence.   The 3m and 4m high flag displays are more than enough to get you seen above all the clutter of other flags and stands etc.

  • Over the last couple of years some people have been buying our ‘Giant’ flags at events which are over 5.5m high!  These are effective but do have limitations.

  • Be careful selecting a very large size as they flex a lot more in the wind and cause stress on poles and mountings that can break.  We would not recommend anything above 4m for permanent use in windy areas.

  • Some car dealers are moving to larger flags to attract more attention but often they can look a bit ‘ungamely’ and they don’t sit well on a fenceline.


  • About 80% of our teardrop or feather flags sold are double-sided flags.  There has been a significant move from single to double-sided flags due to the fact you can read the message correctly from both sides.

  • They are printed on a denser satin fabric and look stunning when compared to a standard single sided knit fabric flag. Consequently they last quite a lot longer than a single-sided flag.

  • They are more expensive of course but the benefits far outweigh the costs. All the teardrop and feather flags can be printed double-sided but you need to be careful as they are heavier and if you have a larger flag you will probably need a heavier base to cope with the additional weight of the flag.


Like any product there are differences in quality from various producers.   The quality of the ink, fabric and finishing all affect the wearing and weathering of the flag.  Locally produced products have higher quality inks, more durable fabrics and finished with heavy duty headers.    There will be a cost difference of course but this is out-weighed by the much better appearance and longer life.


Ultimately there is no bad choice. All flags will attract attention and tell people you are open for business.   It’s simply a matter of ensuring you are getting your message across effectively.

Double-sided flags are the preferred choice of most people and the shape of the flag is determined by your message and where you are using it.