How to wear and look after your reusable face mask

How to wear and look after your reusable face mask


Fit and comfort

Our Protectamask is specially designed for breathability and comfort. This is a triple-layer mask using lightweight fabrics and a highly breathable filter made by Lanaco.

These polyester lightweight fabrics are soft against your skin unlike some heavier wool or cloth masks for example. They are also made from non-stretch fabrics and designed to fit your face and not dependant on stretching around your face and ears for a tight fit which becomes uncomfortable after a while.

How do I make sure it is fitting correctly?

Ensure the mask is a firm fit by adjusting both head bands. You don’t want the mask slipping down when you move your head.

If you are wearing glasses you can help prevent your glasses steaming up by making sure your nose clip is tight around your nose. Also folding over the top edge of your mask may help.

How do I remove my mask safely?

After you have been out in a potentially risky environment you don’t want to minimise touching your face with your hands - that is why we use head bands rather than ear bands.

You can also drop the mask around your neck with headbands.


Secondly, grab both head bands and slip them over your head.

As an extra precautionary measure if you are at home or close to a bathroom wash you face.

How often do I change my filter?

The scientific answer is when they become clogged with particles but that will vary a lot depending on use and exposure to particular environments.

We recommend changing the filter after approximately 12 hours of light domestic use. We don’t refer to days as each person will wear the mask for different periods of time each day.

The filters can not be re-used. They are sold in packs of 7 from our on-line store. See:

If you are a health worker they must be changed after every shift.

If you have a health condition or more susceptible to viruses and bacteria we recommend changing the filters more frequently.

How do I wash my mask?

A simple and thorough hand rinse in warm soapy water followed by a hand rinse in clean warm water is recommended. It does not need a full wash cycle in a washing machine as this will wear the mask out more quickly.

Your mask will dry quickly as it is a lightweight polyester fabric. Allow them to air dry in the sun if you can rather than put them in a dryer. Sunlight is also an effective steriliser.

How long will the mask last?

We don’t really have enough history yet but have been selling and testing them since May this year and they are still performing well. At some point they will wear out like any fabric product but they will last longer than stretch masks that will lose their elasticity over time and with repeated washing.

The elastic bands on your mask can be replaced if they lose their elasticity.

Do you need another mask?

Some overseas health authorities are recommending that you have two masks if you wear them every day. This is just in case you lose one or leave one behind at work or home. It’s a bit like reading glasses!

For children (and forgetful people!) we would recommend having two masks.

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